You Can Be Great at Everything

What if you started relating to yourself as being great at everything? What would be possible then?

One day, I decided to start telling myself that I am great at everything and before I knew it, I was. We often don’t even give ourselves a fair chance before we start something new. We beat ourselves up and say awful things to ourselves.  

I used to say that  I suck at art and making music. Now I consider myself to be an amazing artist and musician.   

Before I try something new, I set my intention. I say things like this is going to be easy, fun, and inspiring. And most it the time it is.  

Now my friends and I have a running joke. We say to each other, “It’s hard to be good at so many things!”

I picked up the guitar for the first time 3 weeks ago. I was always too scared to try and didn’t think I would ever be good at it. Well, I set my intention to be an amazing guitar player and I practice every single day. I put it on my calendar and I can no play 3 songs. I couldn’t even play a single note a few weeks ago.  

What do you want to be great at? Have you been too scared to try? Did you try it once or twice and gave up too soon? Practice leads to mastery.  

Way to be Great!

Your Unicorn Coach,

Nadia By Nature

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