What is Psychic Development?

Psychic Development is the process of developing and strengthening a persons ability to read, see, feel, or hear energy.

How will I benefit from Developing my psychic abilities?

My job is to give you a clear understanding of how to develop your psychic abilities and what tools you can use to help grow them to there maximum potential. Opening up and working with psychic abilities helps you to read and work with energy. This site offers information as well as exercises to help build your psychic muscles that the expert psychics and mediums have been usining for centuries. The information on this site will include the following: What your senses are and how to develop them? Everyone has psychic abilities. Infact most children have abilities and eventually as they get older turn them off. Psychic Development may come easier to some then others. People may have a hard time using their abilities due to blocks in their subconscious mind. Once these blocks have been removed then a person can have unlimited access to the psychic world.

What are the senses and how do they work?

There are several different ways to open up your psychic abilities. We have different psychic senses to help us feel, see, and hear energy.
Clairvoyance is “psychic seeing”. We have the ability to see energy with our third eye. The third eye is located in the center of the forehead and also has a chakra or energy center associated with it. Through developing how to activate and use our third eyes we can see energy, see images, and also get psychic impressions.

Clairaudience is “psychic hearing”. This is the ability to hear spirit or our guidance from the psychic world. This can be very valuable especially when someone becomes in touch with their angels and spirit guides. The ability to hear what our guidance is telling us can make for easy problem solving. The key to clairaudience is to be still enough and to eliminate the mind chatter to be able to hear messages clearly and accurately.

Clairsentient is the ability to feel energy and have a sense of knowing. A person can pick up on auras, vibrations, and have a feeling of what it is. Through developing this ability a person may get a physical feeling in their body, or even and emotional feeling.

Clairscent is the ability to smell aromas that are in the psychic world. This usually occurs when a loved one is trying to communicate, then a person may pick up on a scent of how the person smelt or certain aromas the person liked.

Clairsavorance is the psychic ability to “taste” substances usually associated with persons when they were alive. It is more like an impression of a particular taste. Scanning is the ability to feel energy with your hands. A person can scan for answers to questions, feel auras, and chakras.

To learn more about how to develop your psychic abilities check out this online course.

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  • Hung Morin

    Reply Reply June 24, 2017

    Is mediumship is one of the psychic abilities? I’ve heard a lot about contacting the dead even online. Is this possible? How can know the process is rightly done on the screen?

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