The 3 Things You Need to Know to Build Your Credibility Online: Point 3

Point 3: Consistency is the Key

It’s not really a big secret but consistency is the answer to all of your marketing efforts. If you are showing up each and every day and delivering content tailored to your audience, your website traffic is going to skyrocket. It does take a bit of time to see results, roughly about three to six months to notice a drastic difference. Post blogs three to six times a week on your website about the problems that your people are dealing with and the solutions you have for them. This includes posting to other websites and social media. 

For years, I kept consistently posting blogs, social media posts every day, and giving people value. I would just show up, be myself, and put some fun things out there and before I knew it, people were contacting me to hire me for my coaching services. You can also look into getting guest featured on other blogs. I had a client the other day who got published in Huffington Post. She simply wrote an article on a subject she is passionate about and now receives thousands of website visitors a week from her article.

Put it all together

Don’t be like all of the other failing businesses out there. Do your research. Get to know your people inside and out. Take the time to survey your target audience. They will give you the missing puzzle piece to skyrocketing your business practically overnight. Work on solving their problems and concerns. This is what they are willing to spend money on right now. Be solution driven in your product and services and be the answer to their prayers. And last but not least, be consistent with all of your marketing, writing, blogging, and posts. Keep showing up for your people every day. They might not need you today, but if you are consistent, you had better believe they will reach out when they are ready.

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