The 10 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate Clients: Step 9

Step 9: Test Your Niche

There are several ways to test your niche. Here are 6 ways to start testing out the quality of your content.

  1. Be sure to use your existing social media platforms. Start posting blogs and articles on the subject to see the reactions you get.
  2. Ask your friends, family, and existing clients to give feedback on your content.
  3. Join Facebook and Linkedin groups that are in your target audience and start posting your free content, blogs, and articles to see what people’s reactions are.
  4. Go to in person networking events and see if your target audience is responding to your “What Do You Do Statement”. This statement should include your target audience and the problem you solve for them.
    You know how there are _________________ (Your target audience) who struggle with _______________(the problem that keeps them up at night)? What I do is help, coach, lead, partner (circle one) with them to solve___________________ (the solution to their problem)
    Example: You know how there are women stuck in soul-sucking jobs who struggle with lack of satisfaction and feel no enjoyment with what they are doing?  What I do is help them figure out their passion and purpose so they can build a business that will give them complete freedom and fulfillment.
  5. Post a Freebie offer on your website and start promoting it. If people are signing up for your offer then you know you have a great niche.
  6. Start writing on other blogs and websites. Submit articles and blogs and if they are accepted, that is a great indication you are on the right track.

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