The 10 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate Clients: Step 10

Step 10. Commit To Your Niche

The biggest problem I see new entrepreneurs make is niche switching.  They pick a niche and don’t give it enough time to work. You really need a good year or so to test market your niche.  You want to create enough content around your niche to see if it is going to stick and to see if people are relating to it. A good way to test out a niche is to go out and talk to people. Come up with a good “what do you do statement”. As mentioned in step 9. If someone says, I have that problem or they know someone who has that problem, then it’s probably a good indication that you are headed in the right direction.

Join groups and meet-ups where your potential clients hang out and start offering them content and solutions. If they bite, that is also a good indication you are on the right track.

Write blogs, articles, and e-books on the subject.  If people show interest and they are reading it, that is a great indication you are on the right track.

If people are responding to your ideas, content, and advice on social media then you probably have a good thing going.

I can’t even tell you how many clients I have received from social media just from me simply consistently posting what I am up too, what I am working on, solutions to the problems I solve, and being consistent.  On my FB when someone is starting a business or wants to grow their business to the next level, they always contact me. They are very clear on what I do and I am consistent.

By following all of these 10 steps, you will be well on your way to finding the perfect paying clients. Be consistent and clear about the problem you are solving for your ideal clients.

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    Dear friends

    I have been living alone since 2001till now I need a soul mate she is where I don’t know

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