blockquoteBefore working with Nadia I was doing well in my business, but I needed some fresh ideas that were tailored to my needs.  Nadia listened intently, was great at acknowledging where I was at and I felt really seen by her. She gave me some really good ideas that sparked even bigger ideas! This led to me making to exceed my financial goal. The best part was her encouragement and accountability! I loved working with Nadia!

Karenina Jahnigen


blockquoteBefore I started Nadia’s program I spent almost three decades in my profession.  As the field evolved, my work became less fulfilling and my passion faded.  The problem was, I still needed my paycheck to support my family.  I felt trapped and angry. I reached out to Nadia to help me discover my purpose and learn how to turn it into work that I love.  In the program, I discovered there was a disconnect between my desire to help people and what I was actually accomplishing in my day-to-day life.  I really hadn't set out to leave the only profession I'd known for almost 30 years, but I could see that my soul was growing increasingly impatient with the disconnect between my passion and what I was doing. As I continued working with Nadia, my personal clarity and empowerment resulted in leaving my job and going back to school to become a practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  I now have an acupressure practice where I treat equine and canine clients suffering from skin and respiratory problems.  It's so rewarding to help others in life-promoting ways.


blockquoteBefore taking the Discover Your Life Purpose Program, I felt trapped and stuck in a job I hated.  I dreaded going to work every day and I was unhappy in other areas of my life as well. I was out of shape, tired all of the time and just not very happy. I spent a lot of time worrying and projecting my unhappiness both out into the world and carrying it around inside. I was stuck. Something needed to change. As the old saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher appears. I was ready. The opportunity to participate in this program couldn't have come at a better time for me. I was at a real crossroads in my career and in my life. I wasn't sure if it would truly benefit me or help me to discover my life purpose but it did. The exercises, the coaching and the personal attention all were so beneficial to me. I discovered my missions and vision for my life. I used the workbook and learned how to create the life that I was dreaming about six months ago at my desk. I transformed my outlook on life and created the life I have always wanted to live. I did it. Now, I discovered a passion for helping my community, I got back into the gym, I learned to speak from my heart, and most importantly, I discovered my life purpose. I went into business for myself and I now set my own hours. I also raised my rates and charge what I am worth. I now consult for that job I left which made them my client. Now that I have completed this program, I am looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time. I am excited about what the next six months will bring. This is what I have learned to create and I have done this through working with Coach Nadia to discover my life purpose!

Sherry Davis

San Jose, CA

blockquoteI am so excited to celebrate your success! And I appreciate your willingness to share your story of your success with me. By sharing your success you are positioning yourself as a Rock Star in this community and are likely to attract even more success. Your story may end up being shared in my ezines, website, or other marketing materials. I created the template below to assist you in your writing. Thank you!

Before working with Nadia, I thought I had a pretty good business approach. However, I was incorrect. At first, I didn’t understand all of the background pre-work required for Nadia to get a good understanding about my business, my goals and some of the limiting beliefs I was projecting. Developing my vision statement and pinpointing my life purpose statements made me realize I had a lot more work to complete to achieve clarity and cohesiveness in my business.

During the program, I learned a lot about myself through the process. I enrolled in Nadia’s 6 month program and realized that I didn’t need more education or certifications on health related topics. What was required was a real crisp vision statement to articulate in one or two sentences to my prospective clients on how I was going to help them achieve success with their health related challenge(s).

As a result of the program, I have a clear business approach and program for delivering health related topics to my clients. I have formulated a 3 and 6 month program to help my clients achieve optimal results. The programs include coaching, recommended dietary meals/supplements along with health related material to support the individual in their journey to a lifestyle change. My new program approach and wellness packets have been well received! This new approach allows me to consult with more clients in a structured, easy flowing manner.

Yvonne Hernandez

Certified Health Coach, Green Smoothie Instructor and doTerra Wellness Advocate


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