LOVE yourself and others will love you too.  Self-LOVE is one of the highest vibration you can achieve.  

We spend most of our lives doing anything but. When you love yourself unconditionally, truly honor and nurture yourself; then you create space for others to do the same. You can’t expect anyone to LOVE you unconditionally if you don’t love yourself. Are you afraid to spend time alone? Have you ever dated yourself? Have you ever been romantic or sexy just for YOU?

Are you beating yourself up mentally? Are you treating your body like crap? Well, stop it. You are precious. Start treating yourself that way.  

LOVE-HONOR-RESPECT yourself. At the end of the day, YOU are all you have.

How will you love yourself today? Comment on one thing you will do to honor yourself today.

Love you all so much.

Your Unicorn Coach

Nadia By Nature

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