Protect Your Aura

Protecting your aura is important to your development.
Protect yourself from what, you ask? Well let’s just say
for the sake of keeping it simple, protection from anything
that is not in your highest and best interest.

Properly protecting yourself includes doing so in the physical

sense as well as emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There 

are multiple ways in which you can do this, but
whichever method you use, always remember that belief is the
key component in protection. Fundamentally, if you believe you
are protected, then you are. If you are unsure, then you become
vulnerable. The more you use these practices, the more you
become comfortable and certain about what you are doing.
My preferred method of protection is through prayer or

With prayer, I simply ask for the help I am seeking,
making my request very clear and detailed.

For example:
To the Supreme Being, Divine Father/Mother, thank
you for protecting me with your Divine Light and your
Divine Love. Thank you for protecting me from all harm and

danger on this level and all others.
With thanks and in full faith, So Be It!

I suggest that you modify this prayer to your belief system, adding
to it or simplifying it to suit you or your situation.
Remember, it is important that you trust and believe that you are
divinely protected.

Read about more methods on protection in my book “Discovering Your Inner Psychic”.

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