From Purpose to Profit
6-month masterclass with Psychic & Business Consultant Nadia Shapiro

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, wondering how you can market & monetize your skills? It’s time to create a steady stream of income on YOUR terms!

Do you have a strong desire and sense of obligation to get your message out into the world in a big way?

Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur who makes a real difference to your clients?

Are you struggling with doubt, and fear that you can't do it?

My name is Nadia, and I'm here to show you how good it can get for you...

Your ultimate business dreams CAN happen, all you need is the right guidance to push you forward. It's a daunting prospect, especially if your future looks uncertain right now - but let me tell you - it won't be for long.

You probably think that what you want is more money and more clients. That may be a solid end goal, but in reality, you need to gain clarity and confidence before gaining momentum. If you're reading this, you're already on your way toward a fulfilling career that grants you the freedom to work remotely. Right now you might feel overwhelmed or confused, but your search for strong guidance ends here.

You know what you want, now it's finally time to get it!

Let's see if any of this resonates with you...

You're a badass woman on your journey to stable entrepreneurship.

You're looking to expand your career in coaching, holistic healing or intuitive consulting, and you may even have a handful of clients under your belt. It's been going well so far, but you're not making anywhere near enough to turn your passion into your full-time career.

Meanwhile, you're stuck with a serious case of wanderlust.

You dream of the day when you can be making enough money to feel comfortable quitting your full time job. You see women chasing their dreams all over the world, spending months traveling and still managing their clients from abroad.

You know the value of what you're offering, but you feel weird having to prove it to people in order to get them to work with you. You want to be considered an expert so you can get your message out to the world, but aren't sure how to create that image in your calls & marketing.

Ultimately, you're just trying to make a comfortable living ($10k+ per month) while helping people directly. You know that the more people you serve, the more freedom you'll create for yourself and your clients.

Get ready for takeoff because girl, your journey has just begun!

Join me on this 6-month journey

Here's why you can put the fate of your business in my hands...

What sets me apart from other coaches isn't just my natural-born psychic abilities, it's the depth of experience I bring to the table.

I am a well-known Life Purpose Coach and sought after public speaker, and I use my intuitive abilities to help women like you realize your dreams. While I have helped hundreds of people connect with their life purpose, I've helped even more entrepreneurs establish successful businesses from the ground up.

As the author of three books, I spend most of my time leading classes and workshops around northern California. During my 100+ talks, I offer my guidance on subjects that I'm most passionate about - career purpose, spiritual interconnection, and entrepreneurship.

I personally have built a dozen business from the ground up, and learned a lifetime's worth of knowledge from those trying but strengthening experiences. But it wasn't always a cakewalk...

My greatest 'aha!' moments came once I (finally) hired a business coach.

I knew I needed accountability and a proven action plan to help turn my consulting business into a full-time career. During our time together, I was able to successfully launch my consulting practice and turn my side gig into a full-time career.

As a psychic & business consultant, I combine my own powerful intuition with savvy business strategies to help my clients make a difference in more people's lives.

Praise from Clients

I got really clear on what I had to offer people

Before working with Nadia, I was not clear on my niche or who my people were.  In the program, I got really clear on what I had to offer people and why they needed my services. As a result, I am well on my way to replacing my income from my job. I have doubled my income in my business and Nadia has taught me how to get repeat clients and how to bring in new clients.  I am confident I will reach my goal.

- Angie

Psychic / Medium

It's so rewarding to help others in life-promoting ways.

Before I started Nadia’s program I spent almost three decades in my profession.

As the field evolved, my work became less fulfilling and my passion faded.  The problem was, I still needed my paycheck to support my family.  I felt trapped and angry. As I continued working with Nadia, my personal clarity and empowerment resulted in leaving my job.

I now have an acupressure practice where I treat equine and canine clients suffering from skin and respiratory problems.  It's so rewarding to help others in life-promoting ways.

- Tronica

Accupressure Medicine

Ready for all the juicy details?

Here's an overview of what we'll be covering:

Module 1

Starting with a Clean Slate

This module is ALL about laying the foundation for the weeks to come! Prepare yourself to make the most out of the program by re-assessing what you know about your business and clarifying your intentions for moving forward.

Module 2

Building a Successful Mindset

Evaluate your current thought patterns and consider the way you think about money. This extremely important module is designed to help you shape your business from the inside out (from your mind to your work).

Module 3

Building a Stellar Website

Learn from designers & business owners how to effectively target clients and process payments on your website.

This module, you'll learn how to...

  • Effectively target clients and process payments on your website, so you don't have to do all the legwork
  • Provide an experience that lets your potential clients get to know you without ever hopping on the phone.
  • Install WordPress and set up your website for success starting day 1.

Module 4

Finding your Soulmate Clients

Finally locate your soulmate clients and figure out exactly what they’re looking to learn from you.

Finally locate your soulmate clients and figure out exactly what they’re looking to learn from you.

  • Deep dive on how to conduct market research, so you can figure out what your ideal clients are looking to buy from you.
  • Learn where your target market hangs out, so you can establish a presence.
  • Find your own unique ways to approach potential clients and strike up an engaging conversation.

Module 5

Content Creation & Blogging Basics

Learn how to create content that your ideal clients can find (are interested in!)

This module, you'll learn...

  • Where to position your content so that it is seen by the right people.
  • How to create your freebie offer, or even your very own ebook!
  • Exactly what to talk about on social media, blogs, and magazines, using research conducted during this program.

Module 6

Build your social media empire

I'll take the mystery out of social media, so you can build your promotional platforms quickly & easily.

Get ready to...

  • Set yourself up for long-term gains by establishing your social media presence now.
  • Set up your platforms so that they drive traffic to your site.
  • Set up an automated system so you don't have to spend every day on social media to make it work for you.

Module 7

Growing Organic Traffic

Create organic traffic and increase your visibility with a website that stands out from the crowd!

This module, you'll finally learn...

  • Tools and tricks to get natural, organic traffic to your freebie offer, blogs, and sales pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization and how it effects your Google ranking.
  • How to apply the information you've learned so far toward your website marketing.

Module 8

Create magnetic marketing

Put all the pieces together and create compelling marketing for your business.

This module, you will...

  • Know what great marketing looks like so that you can "take 'n tweak" from the pro's.
  • Learn to market yourself in a way that targets and intrigues your ideal clients.
  • Create marketing magic that communicates your message and voice clearly.

Module 9

Become the go-to expert in your field

It's time to establish yourself as the expert you are. Your marketing will determine whether you are viewed as a "wannabe" or a leading authority.

This module, you will...

  • How to increase your perceived value through continuing education.
  • Set up workshops and speaking gigs to further extend your outreach and gain credibility.
  • Position yourself as the sought-after expert, so that clients come to you.

Module 10

Build your soul-signature program

It's time to scale it up, up, UP! Expand your services beyond 1:1 consulting and establish new (less time-intensive) ways to make money.

This module, you'll learn how to...

  • Build services and programs that your clients are looking for (and will pay great money for!)
  • Master your free discovery calls so that potential clients line up to say "YES!"
  • Position your services in a compelling and creative way so that clients are drawn toward your offerings.

What's included in this unique program

for Soulful Women?

  • Weekly Q&A calls to provide accountability and meet with leading experts
  • Access to my Purpose to Profit private Facebook group
  • Monthly office hours where you can get all of your questions answered
  • PDF resources to accompany each module that you can fill out and keep for your business brainstorming

Exclusive VIP option available!

  • 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions to set you up for success and provide direct accountability from ME.
  • Unlimited email help so that you can stay on track throughout the entire program
  • Website and content feedback - submit your materials and get a full review

Investment Options

Get Program access only

Early Bird Bonuses!

Sign up before December 10th and receive...

  • Additional three 1:1 coaching session with ME
  • Personalized Blog Topic & Hot Title consultation
  • 10 hours of help from a personal assistant to help grow your business

Still undecided?

Book a call using the link below to speak with me directly about any questions you have about the Purpose to Profit 5-week group program.


Even more Success Stories!

I’m looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time...

Before working with Nadia, I was not clear on my niche or who my people were.  In the program, I got really clear on what I had to offer people and why they needed my services. As a result, I am well on my way to replacing my income from my job.

I have doubled my income in my business and Nadia has taught me how to get repeat clients and how to bring in new clients.  I am confident I will reach my goal.

- Sherry

Business Coach

I needed some fresh ideas that were tailored to my needs...

Before working with Nadia I was doing well in my business, but I needed some fresh ideas that were tailored to my needs.  Nadia listened intently, was great at acknowledging where I was at and I felt really seen by her.

She gave me some really good ideas that sparked even bigger ideas! This led to me making to exceed my financial goal. The best part was her encouragement and accountability! I loved working with Nadia!

- Karenina

Performance Coach

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