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Home/Business Blessing

Welcome in Prosperity!

Welcome in Prosperity!

What is a Home or Business Blessing?

It is always a great idea to get your house or business blessed for good luck and good fortune.  Nadia will go in and remove any dirty and negative energy in your space and infuse it with positive energy.  She will energetically clean the entire space and also work with the energy of the property outside.  This allows for a peaceful and calm environment.  She can also help welcome in prosperity energy to your home or business.  Prices vary according to the square footage, what else you may want done to the property, and any travel time.  Please fill out the form below to get an estimate.  These are usually done on the weekends and it is best if no one else is in the property.

House Clearing-Spirit Removal

What if my house is haunted? Can it be removed?

Most of the time, haunted spaces can be cleared.  Each case is unique and may require different tools.  Nadia will make an assessment of the property to let you know what you are dealing with and how it can be removed.  Please fill out the form below to receive your assessment.

Home/Business Assessment Form


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