Everyone Needs a Purpose

If everyone found their purpose, this world be a different place. Those living their divine purpose are exceptional people. They are standing up for each other, they are creating change for the better, they are solving the World’s problems. They are building up their communities rather than tearing them down. They are saying no to racism, war, cruelty, and corruption. We all look up to those people. You can be one of those people.

We are on a planet full of lost people dying to figure out.  Don’t let greed and hatred run your life.  You are so much more than that. Wherever there is darkness, shine your light. Shine it even if you are standing alone.  Wherever there is hatred, give it LOVE. Spread your SPARKLE to even the smallest of souls and tiniest of creatures.  All souls matter, even the small, even the dark.  

Imagine a planet full of self-aware and spiritually conscious humans? We would all know who we are and what we’re meant to be doing. We would take care of each other.  We would love each other. We would nurture our beautiful Mother Earth. We would understand we are all ONE. We are never nor have we ever been separate.  

I still have hope for this planet. I believe in all of you.  I believe you will find your way sooner than later. I believe you will make this world a better place. I see it in your eyes. I know you are getting it soon. Keep looking.  Don’t ever give up on yourself. Be your own SPARKLE

My SPARKLE recognizes your SPARKLE!

I am always here for you.

Your Unicorn Coach


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