Dance Like No One is Watching

Dance Like No One is Watching

Dance like noone is watching. You are far too concerned about what everyone thinks. Look, if you are a good person and you have a big heart, then stop caring about what everyone thinks.


Now, if you’re being an asshole, then yes you should care and you should watch your back.


When are you going to start to be the REAL YOU? Who cares if you’re overweight, disproportionate, deformed, or imperfect? Stop caring about that. Love Yourself and let your damn hair down. Be free! Be Fully SELF-EXPRESSED! Be fun! Trust me it’s so much more exciting.  

Try running around naked and not giving a FUCK! You deserve it.  


Time to let yourself be free. Be a kid again. Live each day like it’s your last.


You are UNIQUE! You are beautiful! You are YOU!  


Let the rest of the world enjoy the real you too.



Your Unicorn Coach,

Nadia By Nature


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