Closing Off Your Aura

This technique is perfect for any psychic development. Closing off your aura can be especially useful when you are talking with someone who is negative or unhappy with you. Below are some techniques to practice to close off your aura.

Exercise: Cross your arms or legs to close off your aura, protecting you from any immediate negative energy being directed at you.

People who are in the process of awakening their psychic abilities may become unusually sensitive to energy. You may notice more discomfort being in crowded places and this may be accentuated when you are in a small space. This is because you are becoming more aware and learning to tune in to the information brought to you by all your senses.As “sensitives,” we often expand our aura as a way of taking in information from the world around us. Our auras are often very big and can expand far beyond the room in which we appear to be located. At times we may forget that our auras are so massive and the discomfort that results is due to an overload of sensory information coming into our energetic field. The fix for this is very simple.

Exercise: Collapse your aura to be no more than an arm’s length away. Simply imagine or say aloud, “Aura
collapse and get smaller.” See your aura collapsing to no less than 2 feet from you.

As you practice this over time it will harden your aura, protecting you from picking up other people’s energy or tuning into random or chaotic sensory information.Once you are out of the crowded area, please be sure to expand your aura back out to its normal size simply by
imagining it, or saying “aura, normalize.” Try practicing this at a mall or crowded location with your aura as
it normally is, and then collapsing your aura.

For more info on Psychic Development and Protecting Your Aura, check out my book “Discovering Your Inner Psychic”.

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