Women will save the world…..

Ever wonder why many cultures raise the females to conform to a completely submissive role? Funny, this has been happening for centuries.  There must be something to this wouldn’t you agree? The divine feminine energy, also known as zero point energy, is in fact the most powerful energy that exists.  For centuries women have been…

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What is Psychic Development?

What is Psychic Development? Psychic Development is the process of developing and strengthening a persons ability to read, see, feel, or hear energy. How will I benefit from Developing my psychic abilities? My job is to give you a clear understanding of how to develop your psychic abilities and what tools you can use to…

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Meditation is the key

If you can’t hear the messages it probably because there is too much going on, meaning mind chatter.  Try a simple quiet mediation.  Here are a few recommendations.

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