10 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate Clients: Step 5

Step 5: Be Clear on Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Know your strengths and your weaknesses inside and out. Highlight what you are great at and be honest about it. Don’t hide your weaknesses. Make a commitment to work on your weaknesses and continue to build your strengths. Personal development will go a long way in your business. A big mistake I see entrepreneurs make is over promising and under delivering.  They try hard to make the sale, promise the moon and stars and deliver dust. I have worked with many clients who were unhappy with results from other business coaches or coaching programs because they were promised unrealistic results. Those results may have been achieved by one person or another, but usually not by the average person. Success is usually achieved by the person who excels at something no matter what, not the average coach.

One of the many things I love about Thrive Academy, an entrepreneur leadership training program, is how they show the range of results achieved by participants, not just the top performers. Even the average number was great, but if I saw the top earner every time, I would have been upset and discouraged.  Because they showed us the average number, it gave me a sense of confidence and the ability to set realistic expectations that I was able to meet. They are a great example of under promising and over delivering and as a result having a very large and loyal following of clients.

If there are things in your business that you are not great at or need work on, then don’t do them. You are better off delegating it or outsourcing it. Don’t spend all of your extra energy focusing on your weaknesses. Spend your energy on your strengths and giving thanks and praise to them. Take the time to honor your strengths. If you find things in your business you are weak at, make a commitment to excel in them. Seek training, take a course, read a book, or hire a business coach who can train you in that specific skill.

As an entrepreneur, I am always enrolled in classes, anything from personal development to strategy and writing. Quite honestly I am never not enrolled in a course or reading a book. Ask yourself these two questions. Is this something important for me to learn to do my business? At what level will I need to learn it? Then evaluate the answer. Do you need an overview, which is great for managing someone else to do the details while you know a little about the overall process. Do you need to know it more intimately, where you will be doing this yourself but also may have someone help out. This may require only a few levels of learning with some ongoing practice. Or do you need to be an expert in it? This may require several levels of learning and implementation upon thousands of hours of practice to be an expert.  If you figure out how you will need to implement this into your business, you can better gage what’s required.

Make learning about business one of your hobbies. There is so much about business to learn, and business tactics change on a daily basis. The more you learn, the easier it is to be an out of the box thinker. I pride myself on my innovative outside of the box thinking.  I attribute my level success to this skill.  I study and learn business in my free time and I love it.  Now, I am not an expert in all things business, but I do have a breadth of knowledge and experience. I love learning different strategies, marketing, and sales techniques. This empowers me to offer more value to my clients.  I am also able to see which strategy works best with their personalities and energy.  You can also overdo learning. I know people who are obsessed with learning and who are afraid to take the next step because they feel they need to know more. A healthy mixture is important. Learn something new in your business and then go out and try it. This is where I take it one step further. If it works for me then I go out and teach it to someone else.  I then continue to teach it until I have completely mastered it.

How will this help find your perfect clients?  The more value you offer to your clients, the more they will continue to seek your expertise and remain as return clients. And, they will rave about you to their friends and colleagues as an expert that achieves successful results. Some of my clients have been with me for over a decade. The more I have grown and excelled in my field, the more I have been able to offer and give to them. They in turn, talk about me and share my work with the people in their lives. This allows you to stay current and build a long term strategy for positioning yourself as an expert in your field. It all starts with knowing your strengths and weaknesses and being committed to personal growth and development.

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    It’s true and nicely explained Nadia, Keep it up.

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