​Learning To See The Aura

Exercise: See the aura of another human. You will need a blank wall, a candle, a friend, and a little meditation.

Turn off any light source in the room, and light the candle. Place it right in front the wall you have chosen. This exercise is most effective against a light colored or white wall. Have your friend sit in front of the candle on the floor, with his back to the candlelit wall. Now sit a few feet in front of him in a comfortable position.

Keep your back straight and breathe deeply. Close your eyes for a moment and try to reach an open, meditative state. When your mind is clear, open your eyes slowly and gaze over one of your friend’s shoulders. Keep your vision loose, as if you were staring at a mountain far off in the distance. Hold your gaze and see your friend in your peripheral vision. It may take a moment, but you will soon start to notice a subtle glow around your friend’s outline. If you see this, you have succeeded in perceiving a human aura!

Exercise: See the aura of a tree. You will need at least one tree and the open sky.

Now that you have seen your friend’s aura, go outside and try perceiving the aura of a tree. All you need to do is look just above a tree using that same open feeling and loose gaze as before, until the aura creeps into your vision. Trees are particularly good subjects because they are large, and they can sit still a lot longer than your friend can. Try seeing the aura of an evergreen and compare it with that of a leafy tree. Try comparing the aura of a standalone tree with that of a large tree line. Take note of any differences you observe.

If you have trouble seeing with either of these exercises, don’t worry. Just stay open, and keep practicing. Daily meditation is an excellent way to improve you psychic development. Your clairvoyance may take some time to kick in again, but that is only natural.

You might only see aura for a brief moment, as a flicker. You might notice color in the aura, which is a product of different energies emanating from the chakra system. Chances are, though, you will just see a static-like white glow your first time around. Either way, there is nothing right or wrong about your perception. Your experience is your experience, and it may differ from that of another person’s. That’s okay! The point is that you now know how to perceive the aura, the life energy that connects us all!

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